Clay Mask


Clay masks can be found in many types each differing in texture, mineral compositions, benefits, and effectiveness. Clay masks work wonders for oily skin types, but they can also be used on other skin types, including dry and combination skin.

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Benefits Of Using A Clay Mask

1. Deep Cleanses Your Skin

2. Absorbs Oil and Minimizes Shine

3. Brightens Up Your Skin

4. Restores Your Skin’s Balance

5. Unclogs Your Pores

How To Use Clay Mask

Assuming you have already added a clay mask to the cart, here is how to use a clay mask correctly.

Step 1: Start with a clean, dry face washed with a gentle cleanser
Step 2: Take out a dime-sized amount of the clay mask
Step 3: Apply a thin layer all over your face and neck.
Step 4: Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes and rinse it thoroughly
Step 5: Apply a lightweight moisturizer to seal in the goodness of your mask

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50g, 100g, 1L


exfoliating mask, turmeric mask, charcoal mask, neem mask


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